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Rating: K
Pairing(s): Hijack, Jack/December, buckteeth, with slight mentions of RainbowSnowQueen

Genre: Fluff, sillyness, cuteness



Jack questioned his husband quietly as he walked into the kitchen, said Strawberry-brunette was sorting out some tray's of cheese, most likely for the Family Christmas party that evening.

"hm?" Hiccup glanced at Jack for a moment.
"Did you give the twins their bath?"


Hiccup could hear the slight disappointment in Jack's voice. He stopped his OCD-ing over the drinks and cheese for a moment to look at him as Jack parked himself beside Hiccup, leaning on the counter.
"Whats wrong Jack?"
"December wouldn't look at me....again...Just kinda hid in the corner."

"You know hes just shy. Especially during baths." Hiccup breathed, rubbing Jack's side gently.
Jack pursed his lips and huffed, leaning onto Hiccup.
"Hes not shy around you...."
"Because I'm his mother."
"I'M his dad!"
Hiccup smiled slightly at him.
"hes young, and he loves you a lot, my I remind you of WHO he cuddles up to when he has a nightmare?"
Jack gave a small smile at the thought.
"That's true...."
He sighed, hugging Hiccup close to him.

Hiccup kissed his cheek.
"I'm sure it'll be fine Jack"


A few hours later the household was full of family and friends, laughing, singing and happy chatters.

Jack could hear corny Christmas music playing, everyone in silly sweaters.
It was wonderful.

Frost was doing her best to annoy the living daylights out of Nessy, While December was desperately trying to escape the loving arms of his grandmother, much to Jack and Hiccup's amusement.

"Mom, please don't strangle him."
Elsa shot Jack a look, still holding a very squirmy December.
"I am not strangling him, I'm hugging him"
December made a face, sighing in defeat when Elsa snuggled him again.

"Besides I'm not as bad you're mother."
December looked panicked for a moment, eyes looking for his other grandmother in worry.
Elsa coo'd at him, booping his nose and gushing even more at the cute pout the boy made.

"its a wonder you and Bunny's Lungs still work right, having Elsa and Tianna for parents" Toothless mumbled, gently sipping at his drink.
"Easy, ya' learn to run." Aster stated, making Jack laugh as Elsa shot both her sons a long look.
"You are kinda clingy, mom."
"Not as bad as Ma'."
"but still."

Toothless let out a small laugh, watching with Hiccup as Elsa fumed slightly at their husband and boyfriend.
December ran to them, finally free of his grandmothers grip. He latched onto Hiccup's leg, staring up at him with big eyes.
Hiccup smiled, bending down and picking the toddler up.
"Heh, Hes gotten bigger" Toothless smiled at December, a hand gently resting on his own bulging stomach.
"And so have you" Hiccup smiled. Toothless laughed slightly, nodding as December reached out to touch his stomach.

"I'm surprised Bunny hasn't, you know, pop'd the question yet. I mean, moony finally gave you guys a kid so..."

Toothless sighed at Hiccup's comment.
"Hiccup, Night fury's never had weddings or anything, I was a dragon. We didn't need anything like that to prove we were loyal to our mates. Bunny feels the same way. We just don't think we need it."
Toothless smiled.
"His word to me is as good as anything....."
Hiccup nodded slightly, toying with his wedding ring as he shifted his weight to better support December.
"but you'd like it wouldn't you?"
Toothless blushed, looking caught in the headlights for a moment.
"w-well, I-i-"

"What are you two up to?"
Jack smiled, hugging Hiccup from behind, making Both Hiccup and December squeak in surprise, Aster moving to join Toothless.
"Exchanging ratings on you two's make out skills." Toothless stated flatly, quickly recovering.
Hiccup snorted loudly at the slightly panicked looks Aster gained.
"You don't really tell people about that, do you?" Aster coughed.
Toothless smirked, kissing his cheek.
"Sweety, I tell Hiccup everything~"

Bunny groaned slightly in embarrassment, Jack laughing and raising a hand above Hiccup's head.
December laid his head on Hiccup's shoulder, playing with the collar of his shirt as Jack spoke.
"Guess what Hiccup~?"
Hiccup looked up to see what Jack was holding over his head.


December glanced up, looking confused when Hiccup giggled.
"You sneak~"
"I know~"

December leaned back, pouting when Jack leaned in and kissed Hiccup.
The two giggled slightly, Aster rolling his eyes as they kissed again, only breaking apart once in a while to giggle at each other.

December flushed, looking away as his pout deepened.

Jack glanced at the him, smiling as he pulled back from Hiccup.
"Aw I'm sorry Dec~ did I leave you out?"
December crossed his arms, huffing and turning away.
Jack chuckled, leaning over and planting a kiss on the boys cheek.

December's eyes widened, face turning bright red.
He squeaked loudly when Jack did it again, squirming in Hiccups grip.

Hiccup set him down, Him and Jack watching in confusing as the little boy ran off.

December spent the rest of the party hiding under the table, a bright, blushing and giggly mess, a hand gently pressed on the cheek Jack had kissed.
For :iconmidnightsky23: I'm so sorry I made you wait so long for this ;w;
I hope you like it! <3
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- "you learn ta' run"
- "i tell Hiccup everything~"
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